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Tinkertapes is a personal beat tape project. These are the B-Sides without A-Sides. Here you will find songs, beats, demos, experiments and vignettes in a collective state of abandon. In the spirit of a mixtape, songs are curated into one single file rather than individual tracks. If you enjoy what you hear, we implore you to burn volumes, share with friends, chop, screw, enjoy or destroy.


house parties, cooking dinner
getting high, feeling low
making out, making art
existential dread, quarantine


Volume 04

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If you like: Boom Bap, Lofi Hip-Hop to Study/Relax To


Definitely feeling more comfortable with sampling in this one. These beats were made in 2019 largely while procrastinating at work (sorry Ricky). "Let's Play Drums" gives me that "Super Fast Jellyfish" kind of feel. I'm proud of the sample layering in "Safety Off!" I never understood how people chopped jazz tracks so seamlessly but feel like I got the hang of it on the last track, "Benson." At this point, I've been using a lot of drums from x.shulz, gotta retire them for fear of being stuck.

Let’s Play Drums (00:00-01:35)

Have Fun! Play Drums! — Hal Blaine
Getting Nasty — Ike Tuner & The Kings of Rhythm
Drum Course with Theory — Louie Bellson
Boom Bap — KRS-One

Safety Off! (01:35-03:52)

O Sol e a Brisa — Zeca Pagodinho
S04E03 Doogie Got a Gun — Doogie Howser
Missing Sample — Iranian Orchestra
Tar-o pood — Alizadeh - Sharjarian (I think)

Dark & Wet (03:52–06:32)

Quavers 5 — Howard Skempton, John Tilbury
Missing Sample — African Folk Song
Hour of the Wolf (1968) — Ingmar Bergman
The Maxx Promo — MTV

Squibbly (06:32–09:11)

Missing Sample — Film on Propaganda
Missing Sample — “Nobody Knows”

Rainy Day (09:11-11:27)

Rainy Day — Susan Christie
It’s A Rainy Day — Ice Mc

Benson (11:27-14:28)

The Changing World — George Benson


Volume 03

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If you like: Slacking off, Weird shit


I forgot to catalog most of the samples on this one — sorry. I was really into the Church of the Subgenius at the time and their wry sense of humor and cynicism. The last two tracks experiment with some odd time signatures — something I'd love to experiment more with.

Wise Up (00:00–01:30)

Missing Sample — Bass & Piano Tune
Propaganda — Church of the Subgenius

I Forgot To Be Your Lover (01:30–04:01)

I Forgot To Be Your Lover — William Bell
Missing Sample — Drums

Making Coffy (04:01–05:32)

Making Love, Coffy Soundtrack — Roy Ayers
Missing Sample — Drums

BABUPPA (05:32–07:09)

Missing Sample — “Ba Buppa Buppa Ba”
Guitar — Doug Hynes

SLACK OFF! (07:09–08:54)

Propaganda — Church of the Subgenius

World's End Expo 2019 (07:09–08:54)


Volume 02

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If you like: The Avalanches, DJ Shadow, Getting high and taking a bubble bath


Producers Smitty and DJ Cappel released a mixtape back in, idk, 2008 that featured all mashups of Biggie and Frank Sintatra. It will always be one of my favorites. I wondered what other crooners would sound great over some boom bap. The Royal Arctic Institute is a great NYC-based indie band I saw in '17. Their song "Ludic Lovers" has some fantastic drums I was anxious to mangle.

You're Not Special (00:00–02:13)

The World and Its Double — Terence McKenna

Saudade (02:14–05:49)

Tin Tin Por Tin Tin — Joao Gilberto
Party and Bullshit — Notorious B.I.G.

Sh'Doh (4:06—05:49

Jungle Jazz — Kool & The Gang
The Shadow of Your Smile — Nancy Sinatra
Everyday Struggle — Notorious B.I.G.
Babbit's Other Song — Dr. Lonnie Smith

Lullaby In Rhythm (5:50—07:45)

Lullaby in Rhythm — Mark Murphy

Yawatnew (07:46—09:23)

If You Went Away — Marcos Valle
Ludic Lovers — The Royal Arctic Institute


Volume 01

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If you like: RJD2, DJ Shadow, Aphex Twin, Animal Collective, Four Tet


These tracks were mostly experiments created around '15 or '16 with no intention of finishing them or becoming "full tracks" in any sense. Doug Hynes of The Neilsen Family Band played some guitar on "Drunken Robot." "Sucker" and "Happy New Toy" features a few layered live takes from my then recent purchase of the Korg Volca Sample. "Arppy" is probably my favorite of the bunch which was basically my attempt at mimicking DJ Shadow.

Buster (00:00–03:10)

Cristo Redentor — Donald Byrd
Sea Groove — Big Boss Man

Drunken Robot (03:11–06:20)

Calvin — The Jon Spencer Blues Explosion
Al Green — Love and Happiness

Younge (6:21—08:50)

Turn Down the Sound — Adrian Younge

Sucker (08:51—11:29)

Happy New Toy (11:30—16:00)

Arppy (16:01—19:54)

If You Went Away — Marcos Valle
Ludic Lover — The Royal Arctic Institute


If you recognize a sample I may have missed and would like to add it to one of the volumes, please contact me directly at grungerockgerbil@gmail.com. None of these samples are cleared and all of the copyright belongs to the original artists. If you would like to send a cease & desist letter, please mail a sample of your stool to 3701 SW 12th St, Topeka, KS 66604. If you've enjoyed this music, please share with your friends from a safe distance of 6 feet. Audio player courtesy of Austin Billings

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